Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fill Your Reservoir

You’ve heard the old saying, “make hay while the sun shines…” And believe me we’re well experienced in trying to catch the weather jusssst right for putting up hay. But, there’s one thing about sunshine - you can’t “store” it up!

Not so with rain. There are areas and people in the country, indeed in the world, who depend on storing up the water in reservoirs and water towers during the rainy season for the times of drought.

I’m well experienced with that also. When I was growing up, we had to haul our water from a local spring. When one of my aunts had a well dug, we only had to carry it from her house (approximately 500 yards.) So I know about “catching” water. We had rain barrels at the corners of the house, and we depended on these for our “wash water.” We made sure we caught every drop possible when it was raining.

Our spiritual lives are like that, too. When you’re being filled with the Spirit; when you’re being washed in His glow, you need to “store it up!”

There are times when you’re “in the flow!” You know what I mean? You’re spending time in prayer; you’re reading your Bible, and it’s actually making sense! You’re underlining passages, and hearing God speak. The Psalms are resonating with your soul and the Gospel is filling your spirit. God’s presence is palatable, it’s so close…

And then it happens… the drought comes. And you don’t want to pray, you don’t want to read the Bible, you just don’t want to do anything. Oh, it’s not that you don’t want to hear God - you do; you desperately do! You just don’t. You don’t hear Him, you don’t feel Him, and you don’t sense His presence anymore…

It’s those times that you need to go to your reservoir. Turn to those promises you heard, felt, and believed before. Don’t feel like praying? Pray anyway! The Holy Spirit will carry even your groans to the Father.

Don’t feel like reading the Bible? Read anyway. Read the “underlines”. Don’t try to read long stories and doctrines - just read the underlines. Read the words that God so lovingly spoke to you before; that God put in your reservoir.

I have a poem that says in part, “A woman gives, and gives, and gives, then has to give some more. Not only must I meet my needs, I need a reservoir!”

And in truth, we all do - men and women!

So yeah, “make hay while the sun shines”, but don’t neglect to fill your reservoir - trust me, you’re gonna need it some day!

Father, thank you for the rain. Thank you for filling our hearts and souls with Your presence. May we savor every drop. May we fill every bucket, jar and teacup, so that when the drought comes (and we know it will) we’ll have Your mercy and grace stored up in the reservoir of our heart, and be able to draw on it’s abundance in our hour of need.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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