Saturday, June 25, 2005

Prayer for the unsuspecting...

Father, as we read in the Gospels (Mark 2 & Luke 5) of the four men bringing the paralyzed man to Jesus, we note that nowhere does it say that he wanted to come. Nowhere does it say that he asked to be forgiven, nor even asked to be healed. The four (or more) friends saw his need and lifted him up, or in this case, let him down, to Jesus.

They went around the crowds, they climbed to the top of the house and they dug through the roof - just to bring their friend to Jesus.

Father, in the same way, let us lift up, or “let down” others to You. We often pray Lord, with intercessory prayer for those who ask us to pray for them. But Lord, may we pray for those as well who do not ask us to pray for them.

May we especially pray for those who have needs that they do not see, for nothing is more paralyzing than to not know, that you don’t know…

May we pray that their eyes be opened, that their sins be forgiven, and that paralyzed souls be set free to take up their beds and go out before the crowds - forgiven and reconciled to You.

Father, may we have the faith of those four men to bring our friends to You, no matter what we have to go through to get them there.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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