Thursday, March 23, 2006

40 Days of Prayer (days 5-6)

This Lent, (at least beginning on Monday, after the first Sunday of Lent) I will spend 40 days in prayer… on my knees...

March 7, 2006

I pray this morning for intervention. You’ve always intervened, Lord. Always. And I have no reason not to hope in Your intervention now. And not only that, but “Exceedingly, Abundantly, Above…” intervention.

Father, I pour out my heart to You this morning.

And I pray for affirmation. Affirm in [our younger son's] life, his calling. Oh God, he is so struggling right now - not so much with the work, not so much with the lack of sleep, as with the lack of vision.

Upon my knees, these things took a “crystallization” this morning. Thank you God, for bringing me to this place at this time…

March 8, 2006

Thank You Lord, for answered prayer! John gained some much needed affirmation yesterday - some encouragement; some hope. Thank You for your wonderful love…

Oh Father, Thou alone art God. Oh God, Thou are our Father…

I fall at the throne of grace, I bow at the feet of my God, but God, sometimes I don’t want to be here at Your feet. I want to crawl up into Your divine and loving arms and just be held. I want to imagine being held in a loving and comforting embrace, feeling that loving patting and hearing comforting, murmuring words of endearment.

How can I end “prayer”? As “a thousand ‘thought prayers’ go up every day” so my prayer continues. As there are “sins” and there is “Sin”. So there are “prayers” and there is “Prayer.” My “prayers” may have ended this morning, but my “Prayer” never stops.

Revelation speaks of the “basin” which holds the incense from which the upwards smoke arises as the “prayers of the saints.” These are the “prayers” of the Saints. They are the continual, nonstop, habitual, lifestyle communication and petitionings of God, the Father, Almighty. They are individual “prayers”, but they are corporate and unified “Prayer.”


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