Friday, December 05, 2008

Staircase to Heaven

Oh God, what a picture, what an image, to imagine that great chasm which lies between the man of sin and the Holiness of Your Presence… And then Lord, to picture a staircase, sure and firm though it be, to see that it is built out of “cross-wood”; rough, splintery, blood-soaked, cross-wood.

I see it rising, Lord, and winding past the petty sins of selfishness and greed, and ascending past princes and powers and principalities. I see it climbing up and circling the mount… the blood becomes mingled with gold as it passes angels and thrones and crowns.

It continues past prophets and priests and kings, to come to a throne-room where the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, reaches out His nail scarred hands and bids me come and pour out my heart to Him… He assures me that He has His Father’s ear…

God, I am breathless and awed and humbled to even think about and visualize such a staircase, and to know, that even if there were no other person, He would have built it… and climbed it… just for me…

I praise and exalt His Holy and precious Name… Amen.

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