Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Kitchen Table Prayer

Many times I’ve gone to prayer with the cry, “What do I say, Lord? What do I say?”

Usually this is in response to a deep seated need for my own family or for others who’ve asked me to pray.

However, for a rewarding experience in prayer, try this sometime. If your kitchen is anything like mine (and I’m betting it is) then it is the “nerve center” of the home. It’s where things happen.

Sit down at your kitchen table and just look around. You’ll be amazed at what you see…

I’m not going to share my prayer - it’s too personal - but I’ll tell you some of what I see.

First of all, the table is cluttered with books and papers and such - an indication of our busy lives. I am thankful for each of these “activities” and the health to pursue them.

I see a jar lid that says “A B 88” - that stands for “Apple Butter 1988”. It is in my Mother’s handwriting… I miss her so much, and I am so thankful for how I was raised.

I see a couple of boxes of herbal tea that our younger son brought in, and a western magazine belonging to our older son… I pray for, and am thankful for them. We are so blessed.

On the refrigerator is a photo of my husband - what we have is beyond words. And, there’s a card from my daughter-in-law - such a special gal!

I also see a photo of a friend’s baby, a “Lucy and Ethel” magnet from a very close friend, and a faculty list from our local high school (I often pray for these teachers and school staff.)

Looking on around I see “treen-ware” (wooden spoons) and a handmade “cat doll” and herbal vinegars made by craft/artist friends; each of whom hold a dear place in my heart.

There are gifts from this one, and utensils from that one and items that spark all kinds of memories. And, as those memories roll in, I pray for these folks and thank God for their place in my life.

I am also thankful for the time I can take, with my coffee, before the day begins to meditate on God’s grace and the overwhelming blessings He has given us.

No, our lives aren’t perfect - and I’ve cried many tears at this kitchen table - but this morning, as I look at the bounty from last summer, the cookbooks on the shelf, the antique dishes belonging to my “faith mothers”, and the coats hanging on the chair backs - I am reminded (again) of just how blessed we are.

I didn’t set out this morning to do this. God just opened my eyes at my kitchen table - let Him open yours, today.

God, thank you for opening my eyes this morning. I pray for my friends and those who seek to serve You daily. Use the “little things”, I pray, to spark memories, and bring to mind “faces” of those for whom You would have us pray, today.

In Jesus’ Name - Amen.
After this, I don’t think I’ll ever look at my kitchen the same way again!

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