Monday, February 22, 2010

Lessons From the Fast

On "day 30" of the fast, I had a very difficult day. ( ) And on days "36-37" I had a rough night and day "health-wise" and thus ended the week, not by totally abstaining from food, but by eating a little during the day (it had been a "day-time" fast - only fasting during the day and then eating supper.) But still, I continued to drink only water, black coffee, or unsweet tea.

But, this is what I learned from the fast. (And this only came at the very end.)

I've learned that I must change how I talk. What I have been saying may ultimately "mean" the same thing, but in order to clarify what I'm saying (especially to myself) I need to change my vocabulary. (Mainly, it's an "attitude" thing.)

Background: During the fast, in addition to my other studies, I read Charles Stanley's "Handling Adversity." At the very end of the book he talks about "Jesus living in me." And through that, I came to say that I didn't want to "follow Jesus" anymore (with the emphasis on "ME" doing the following.) Instead, I want Jesus to "live in" me (with the emphasis on HIM doing the doing!)

Then, I read "Experiencing the Spirit" by Henry and Mel Blackaby. The whole book is good, but following on the heels of the Stanley book, I began to see that "I must decrease, and He must increase."

When I've said in the past that I wanted to "serve Him", I think I meant with Him doing the leading, but I must be more deliberate and say, "Use me, Lord" or "Do Your work in me." No longer "what do You want me to do" but "what do You want to do in and through me?"

Take me out of the picture Lord, till others only see You. Just make me the "pipe" Lord, that "through" me will flow Your living water.

It's all a matter of emphasis. And I want none to be on me, and all to be on Him.



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