Monday, June 27, 2005

Upon Sitting in the Mall Food Court

I wrote this about a year ago, but still think of it each time I eat at a mall food court…

Upon Sitting in the Mall Food Court

I see a young black woman feeding an apparently handicapped white man. I am at a distance and can’t tell if he’s blind, or just can’t feed himself - and so, I begin to pray…

Father, bless this young woman in her ministry, her servanthood. May she receive a great blessing from her service.
As I look at all these people, I lift them up. What are their joys, what are their fears? I am old enough to know that within each of their lives, there is some pain - either within their own life, or someone very close to them.
I pray for them, Lord. May they know You and Your care, and Your love.
As I look, I know that You know each one of them. You made them. You know their fears, their joys, their concerns, and most importantly, You know their hearts. Do they know You, Lord? Is this young woman’s servanthood out of love to You, or does she not recognize You yet? Has she not responded or even heard Your call yet? I pray that if she hasn’t, she will.

I see a young mother with little children. Do they know You? Are these children being raised in a Christian home, or what kind of environment will they grow up thinking is “normal.”? I pray for this family Lord. If they know You, that they’ll be strengthened for the trials to come as the children grow older. If they don’t, that they’ll hear Your call and come to know Your love.

Father, the colors and nationalities, the physical, emotional, financial and educational differences represented by these Your children are many. Their ages are many and their experiences are many. We are all different, we are all loved by You. And now, may we all love and live to serve You.
In the Name of the One who died for even the least of these, I pray.

Betty J. Newman ©May 2004


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