Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A Prayer for my son

I pray Lord, when he reads Your word (however sporadic that may be) that as he reads Your word, he will hear Your word.

I used to pray that You would “speak to his heart”, but as I prayed that, I came to understand that even as You did indeed, speak to him, he might not hear You speaking - or choose not to hear You speaking.

So now I pray, that he will hear Your word; that You will soften his heart to hear and respond to Your calling.

I know that as one reads Your word, and hears Your word - the more the desire intensifies to know Your word, which leads to reading Your word even more - and the cycle continues. And so, I pray for him.

Indeed, I pray for both sons - and the sons and daughters of friends - and the parents of my sons’ friends. Oh Father, that Your sons and daughters would hear Your speaking to their hearts…



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