Friday, July 29, 2005

“In This Place - At This Time” Part II of III

Continued from yesterday…

The question was, “how do we either incorporate worship into maintenance and/or production, or how do we allow worship to permeate all of maintenance and all of production?”

Incorporating worship into our lives includes attending scheduled worship events; such as Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, and any midweek services. It also means specific times of prayer, bible study and scripture reading. These generally take place before, during, and after maintenance and production times. In other words, actual “stops” in maintenance and/or production must take place for this worship to occur.

Permeating worship, on the other hand, takes place during maintenance and production. Indeed, permeating worship fosters an environment, which allows maintenance and production to be effective. To worship continually within this dwelling place, “permeating worship” must be practiced. And how does one participate in “permeating worship?”

First of all, “permeating worship” includes “incorporating worship.” “Incorporating worship” on its own however, simply allows for worship to take place in “fits and starts” or “stops and goes.”

That begs the question: must we think of worship continually for continual worship to be attained? No, in fact, that would be impossible, for much of our maintenance and production requires dedicated thought for safe and responsible action. Does then, this goal of “continual worship” mean that we only take jobs that are in specific service to God? Does it mean that we only participate in recreation, only read books, and only listen to music that specifically glorifies God? Does it mean that we only “dwell” among those who live for God?

No, “permeating worship” is an awareness of God that “permeates” every aspect of our being. It is seeing all of creation as belonging to God and responding in stewardship and love to this creation. (Ps. 24:1) It is seeing every person, all “nations, kindreds, people, and tribes” as His children. (Rev.7: 9)

It is seeing all of nature, all of life, as belonging to God and simply “on loan” to be taken care of and to be thankful for. (Deut. 8:10) It is seeing every responsibility, every job, every need, as an opportunity to serve and “do all as for the Lord.” (I Cor.10: 31)

It is “dwelling” in this place, and at this time, while seeing God’s Glory within every book we read, and every piece of music to which we listen. It is understanding that recreation is indeed the “re-creation” of our souls. It is walking “before the Lord in the land of the living.” (Ps. 116:9)

However, a great majority of saved souls never get beyond “incorporating worship.” They live lives of compartmentalized parts of the whole. Every piece is in its place, with a place for every piece, never realizing the interdependence necessary for a complete life. Their lives become scattered separateness without satisfaction in any area.

“Permeating worship” requires, nay, demands an overlapping of each area as one’s eyes are opened to the fullness of God. With such, comes the realization and wonderment of such sweet satisfaction that one marvels at what took them so long to reach this state.

To be continued tomorrow…



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