Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Evening prayer

Father, the scriptures tell us that You “walked with Adam in the cool of the evening.” I understand that on these cool early-autumn evenings.

The sun has dipped beyond the trees and it’s cool now. The birds and bugs and “critters” are “making a joyful noise.” And I feel Your presence.

Oh, I feel it at other times as well - sitting in the cancer treatment center with my Dad, as well as when I sat in the ICU waiting room worrying about our son. I’ve felt it during graduation exercises, wedding services and funeral services. I feel it in the hazy moments just before drifting off to sleep at night, and in the arms of my husband - I know You are there.

But there’s just something about feeling You in nature that is sooo different - so comforting. This must be kinda like it felt on that Seventh day for You. All was created, all was done, all was complete, and all was perfect - for the moment.

And now, all is perfect - for the moment…

Thank You, Lord.


Now, as the evening progresses, it is getting too cool, and so I must go in. But, what about those who have no “in” to go to? I lift them up to You tonight, Lord, and pray for their safety, their warmth, and especially for the wisdom to know how to help them…



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