Sunday, August 21, 2005

To our younger son

A few weeks ago, I shared parts of my letter to our older son and his new wife. For this week, I am sharing parts of my letter to our younger son as he enters The University of Tennessee.
August 20, 2005

This day, you are moving out. Nothing will ever really be the same after today. Oh, I know that we'll remain close - we just have that kind of relationship - but "things" will change.

And do you know what I will miss the most? Our talks. I really enjoy talking with you. You are a highly intelligent person - seems like you always have been. I enjoy discussing marketing and theology and music - well, you discuss music, I just listen at that point… But, I will miss that.

I believe that God has a calling for you. I'm not sure what it is, but He will lead you to it. Just listen for Him.

I want you to know, that I will be more excited and more proud (more humbled) to know that you are serving God, and are where He wants you, than any "fame and fortune" you may ever amass.

When each of you boys was born, I told God that nothing would make me more humble and more thankful than for you each to become a "man of God." And I am humbled, and I am thankful, for I believe you are a man of God. A "young" man, but a man of God, nonetheless. (We have been so blessed by both of you boys.)

And so today, like a little bird, I watch as you fly from the nest. And I will say all the "Motherly" things, like - eat well, take care of your health, do your laundry, but what I mainly want to say is, take care of your Soul. Listen to God. Serve Him, and Him only. And most of all, there are no shortcuts, there are no "yeah, buts" God is Lord God, all the time. Live that - all the time.

Yes, after today nothing will ever be the same. And, I wouldn't have it any other way. God didn't give us a child to raise. He gave us an "adult" to nurture. But I will have to admit, it tugs at my heart a little (well, a lot actually) but, know this - we will always be here for you. We love you and are SO proud of you - the man that you are, and the man God is leading you to become.

We love you.
Mom and Dad

Betty J. Newman


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