Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Study of Psalm 1

As I read this Psalm, I am struck by how it follows the pattern of the "conditional covenant" found in the Pentateuch. This is also known as "blessings and cursings" and is found often in the Old Testament. It is truly "cause and effect" - when you do this - this happens, and why...

What I didn't know was how this scripture is related to other scripture, such as Joshua 1:8. Many of the other Psalms follow this same theme. Plus, Jeremiah was apparently well acquainted with this Psalm as well. Jeremiah 17:5-8.

In Psalm 1:1 the words for the one whose counsel we are not to follow are interesting. They are not just 3 ways of saying the same thing, but 3 distinct types of "wrong." Wicked is "raw-shaw" which means "morally wrong."

"Sinners" is "khat-taw" which means "one accounted guilty, an offender or a criminal."

And "scoffer" or "scornful" as the KJV calls it is "loots" which literally means "to make mouths at or to have in derision - to mock."

We come in contact with all three of these types of people in our daily walk. The "wicked" are those who are living "self-proclaiming" lives that morally wrong.

The "sinner" is the one who "offends" the Word of God by their lives (hence, we are all sinners, albeit forgiven sinners...)

And the "scoffer" or "scornful" are those who mock the Word of God by their unbelief, neglect, or outright "derision"! These are those whose advice or counsel we are not to take. (As we are all sinners, saved by Grace, it is the unconfessed sinners whose counsel we are to avoid.)

But it is the "law of the LORD" on which we are to meditate "day and night." This harkens back to Moses' words Deu. 6:4-10 in the Shema.

This is also shows a "progression" in evil, from walking in the counsel, to standing with the "open" sinners, to sitting down and partaking of the evil.

And on the positive side (or blessings) “His delight is in the law of the Lord.” He is not "under" the law as a curse and condemnation, but he is "in" it, and he delights to be in it as his rule of life; he also loves to meditate in it, to read it by day, and think upon it by night.

Cool stuff - this!



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