Friday, March 24, 2006

40 Days of Prayer (days 7-9)

This Lent, (at least beginning on Monday, after the first Sunday of Lent) I will spend 40 days in prayer… on my knees...

March 9, 2006

As I bow this morning, I am still - listening. You already know the desires of my heart, the needs of my soul, and the cries of my spirit. And; I have asked, and I have asked, and I have asked… and so, I listen.

I hear… birds.

I hear the birds singing and I know that they neither sow, nor do they reap, nor do they gather into barns, and yet You feed them. I know I am more precious to You than they. I know, too, that You do not place the food in the nests for them. They must indeed work - or maybe “put out effort” might be a better way to put it. And, as they are “putting out that effort” what are they doing? Why, they are singing praises to You. And so must I. As I am “putting out effort”, as I am on my knees, as I am in my shop, as I am in my kitchen, I must be “singing praises” to You - the God of all creation, and the God of all my effort.

There is a different “feel” to praying on my knees than “on my feet”. I feel just as close to You any time. I feel that my prayers are heard just as well, any place, in any posture. But, for other postures, praying is “conversing”. Praying may be praising, praying may be petitioning, and praying may even be soul-wrenching.

But when I am on my knees, I am before the Throne of Grace. I am bowing before the majesty of the God of the Universe. The “High and Holy God lifted up, Whose train fills the temple…” and Who still reaches down and gently strokes my head. I am filled with awe and “the fear of the Lord.”

And so, I begin my “pouring out…”

I don’t believe that prayer is like the government; that just because my children are “legally” adults, that I no longer have any “say.” I don’t believe that just because they are married, or in college and “on their own” that my prayers no longer “count”; that only their prayer (or lack thereof) carries any weight. And so I pray…

I have seen Your hand move in his life. I KNOW You move in lives - You direct, You instruct, and You “allow” things to happen. I pray, no I plead that You will continue to work. Please, do not leave him. Are Satan’s honeysuckles wrapped so tightly around his heart that he can’t hear You? I PRAY that he will hear You… and bow.

Now my heart turns to another - to a friend of mine, whose dying Mother’s last words to her husband were “Pray for (name)” I pray for him in her place. As he struggles tremendously with a “nature” that is sinful (well, actually, don’t we all!) may he overcome with the mighty and gracious power of Your name. I will continue to pray for him.

There are many others; husband, pastor, friends, neighbors…

And then, I am back again to listening. I could literally pray all day, but “day” calls me. And I must get up from before the “throne” and go out into the kingdom, but a song tumbles forth from my heart. “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus… there’s just something about that name. Master, Savior, Jesus… Like the fragrance after the rain; Jesus, Jesus, Jesus… Let all heaven and earth proclaim, Kings and kingdoms will all pass away, but there's something about that name!”

And it is in that name I pray...

March 10, 2006

In preparation for a prayer breakfast tomorrow morning (and due to laziness of staying in bed when Joe left for work this morning) the “prayer time” came in the afternoon before work on my talk.

It felt different than praying in the morning. It felt more “forced”.

I pray for direction and words to be shared. I pray for those listening to my words, that yes, they may be listening to me, but that they are “hearing” what You would have them to hear through my words. I pray, still, for [my family - and specifics] but felt led to lift up [my employee and specifics.] - I pray for her - Your direction.

And for others by name - and struggle; and again for my words for tomorrow.

March 11, 2006
(Speaking at a Prayer Breakfast…)


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