Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pentecost Sermon coming

As Lay Leader I will be filling the pulpit this coming Sunday - Pentecost Sunday.

I will be posting my Pentecost sermon on either Sunday night or Monday morning.

The title is:
“The Setting Up and the Sending Out”
A “Missional” reading and study of the Scripture

OT Reading: Exodus 19:3-6

Text Acts 1:8; 2:1-11

Other scripture includes:
2 Peter 2:9-10 and John 10:19

"Quickie Quote" from the sermon:
The title of my sermon is “The Setting Up and the Sending Out” God “set up” the “chosen-ness” of His people on Mount Sinai, and He “sent" His people (us) out at Pentecost!

Look at the similarities:
The “setting up” took place 50 days after they left Egypt,
the “sending out” took place 50 days after Easter.

There was Sinai; here is Zion or Jerusalem;
There the trembling mountain, here the trembling house;
There was the flaming mountain, here the flaming tongues;
There the noisy thunderings, here the sounds of many tongues;
There the sounding of the rams horn, here the notes of the gospel-trumpet.”

This vivid passage in Acts 2 shows the close analogy between the Jewish and Christian Pentecost. Just as the appearance of God on Sinai was the birthday of the Jewish nation, so was the Pentecost, and the gift of the Holy Spirit, the birthday of the Christian Church.


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