Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"Faith Mothers" part two

This is the second in a 2-part blog from a sermon I did on Mother’s Day in 2004, just 5 months after my Mother passed away. In this, I’ve been talking about Timothy and his mother and grandmother who taught him the Word of God - and about all those “Faith Mothers” - known and unknown - who’ve taught all of us through the years…


I haven’t cried a whole lot since she died, but I cried a lot before. I cried out to God, “I can’t imagine that losing her will hurt more than seeing her like this!” And it didn’t. I do have an emptiness; there is a hole in my heart. But oh, how I feel her presence at times. And heaven, my feeling about, and toward heaven is, well not completely different, but I guess “fuller” is more the word. I am so looking forward to heaven now.

I never thought much about heaven before. I did know and believe in heaven of course. I thought it was a real place to me. But now it is a REAL PLACE, for my Mother is there. And I believe without a shadow of a doubt that when she drew her last breath here on earth, that she exhaled it in a shout in heaven! That’s why I refuse to wear just a white rose on Mother’s Day. She is alive in Christ.

All of us have mothers. It’s a biological fact. All of us, here, have “faith mothers” as well. I was very fortunate in that mine was one and the same. But, I’ve had many other “faith mothers” within these 3 churches too; (I grew up in this 3-point circuit.)

Mrs. Wykoff, Mrs. Cox, Miss Elsie, Mrs. McKnight, Bonnie, Gran
Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Smeltzer, Dorothy, and even Mary Snyder
Mrs. Hickman, Mrs. Ingle, Anna Mary, Mae, and even Faye. And Ruby still is a Faith Mother to me.

Who’s your “faith mother”? Who did you watch, and listen to, as a child, as a young adult. Who are you still watching? Your “faith mother” doesn’t have to be older “age-wise”, just older “faith-wise.”

As I’ve been studying the book of Acts, and the letters of Paul, it has amazed me the number of times that women are specifically mentioned as becoming believers. (Acts 17:4, 12 for example.) And just think, these are all “faith mothers.” As Paul writes to Titus, another young preacher, he instructs how older men and older women are to be teaching the younger ones. I believe that this not only refers to older in age, but also older in wisdom and experience.

So, on this Mother’s Day, think about your “faith mother.” But in addition to that, and more importantly ladies, whose “faith mother” are you? Who’s looking to you for guidance and direction? Who could be looking to you, and you don’t even know they’re looking? What are you teaching, by word or example? You don’t have to be a mother to be a “faith mother.” You don’t even have to be well known to be a “faith mother.” You just have to have faith. And be willing to share it. Will you do that?

Let us pray:

Father, thank You for Mothers. Thank You, that in Your infinite wisdom You created us and allowed us to share in creation ourselves. We are amazed and awed, and more than a little humbled.

Father, thank You also for “faith Mothers.” Those special women that You have placed in our lives. Thank You that they were faithful to Your Word.

Now grant us, as mothers and “faith mothers” wisdom and courage that we may indeed be faithful.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Will you do that? Will you be someone’s “faith mother?” But if you have no faith, no story, no “grounding” what will you share? Romans 10: 17 says, “So then, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” Pick up that Word of God. Become someone’s “faith mother.” Make that commitment today.
And if you don’t know Christ, man or woman, He’s calling today. Your “faith mother” is praying for you…


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