Friday, March 27, 2009


Just a short word of apology to those of you who keep checking my blog for something new.

In the past month, my laptop (which I use at home for all my studies) crashed, not once, but twice!

I had just reloaded my e-Sword software, along with some new Bible software that I'd gotten, and had just begun to get back in the habit of writing, when the laptop started making the strangest noise!

I called my "tech-guy" and said, "Listen to this" and held the phone close. He said, "oh-oh... that isn't good..."

So, my only access to this blog is in my studio - which, I could write here... but the "atmosphere" just isn't conducive to studies... so... if you've come looking for "new stuff..." I'm sorry.

Here's an idea! Go back into the archives and read some of the older stuff... and let me know what you think!



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