Thursday, July 07, 2005

"Everyday" praise/prayer

Dear God, in leaving the grocery store this morning, I look like just another woman, pushing just another buggy, to the eyes of the world.

But You see my spirit. And You see me as I really am - skipping and dancing along with my arms uplifted in praise. I’m “pumping the air” and shouting “Yesssssss! God is so good!”

You have blessed us (yet again). You have touched us and You have answered our prayers. You have even answered prayers that we didn’t even know we had! What is it that Paul says, “Exceedingly, abundantly, above anything that we could ask or think”? Yeah, that’s it. And we praise You.

And though this task, as mundane as it is, had to be done - You know where my heart really is, and I smile at our “secret” and continue my praise.

Betty J. Newman ©2005


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