Saturday, July 02, 2005

God's Will

Father, we pray for Your will
but many times we don’t know
what that is.

We pray for healing
if it be Your will.
We pray for deliverance
if it be Your will.
We pray for wisdom
if it be Your will.
But how do we answer
what is Your will?

There are things, however
that we can count on,
that we know
are Your will.

Peace in our hearts
is always Your will.
Comfort in our spirits
is always Your will.
Salvation for our souls
is Your consummate will!

sometimes we already know Your will,
but, it’s just not…
complicated enough
To be Divine
or is it?

(“Whattaya’ mean ‘dip in the River Jordan three times…!’ Are not the Rivers of Syria better than all the waters of Israel?!?” II Kings 5:1-14)

Betty Newman
©Sept. 7, 2001


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