Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hot Stuff

“Ain’t you hot stuff!?”
Satan said to me the other day
“Ain’t you hot stuff
you just pra-aaay
and pray…”

“And you read your Bible.”
He said with a sneer.
“And when God speaks,
you’re all ready to hear.
(oooh, I’m afraid…”)

“With those who seek,
and those who’ve sought
you’re all ready to share
what you’ve been taught.

Yeah, you’re not stuff.”
He said rolling his eyes.
“But what of your fears
don’t you realize
that I’ve got you
right where I want you.”

“Leave and be gone!”
I said, shaking my fist.
You accuser,
You betrayer,
I could go down the list.

Your names describe you
I only need turn
To that Book you derided
And there I will learn
your methods,
your weapons,
your tactics,
and what’s more,
I already know
what God has in store,
for you;
you’re through!

And he did
“until a more opportune time…"

©Sept 2003

(Someone told me of a Church markee they saw recently, it said:
"When Satan reminds you of your past
remind him of his future...")

May God bless and lead you today.



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