Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Prayer with a breaking heart...

Oh Father, I come to You with my heart breaking. I have just learned of a young woman’s devastating loss of a child that was stillborn.

I have known her, Lord, since she herself, was a child. She has not had an easy life, but this Lord - how can she deal with it? How can she bear it? I can’t even imagine…

Oh God, how her arms must ache to hold this child. As a mother, my own arms ache in sympathy, and my soul cries out in anguish for her and her husband. But my cries have no words for I can’t even begin to comprehend the suffering she feels, and the heartache she now carries.

Father, at times such as this, I think of Paul’s words to the Roman Christians* for Lord, I don’t know what to say, either. I don’t know how to pray as I should, and so I ask that Your Holy Spirit take the anguish of my heart for which there are no words, and with “groanings which are too deep for words”, lift to You this young woman, her husband, and all her family.

Her family, Lord, as they can only stand by and watch. Her husband who is a part, but in many ways cannot be a part, of her pain, and yet, he must be her strength at times, as she must be his, at times. Give them strength together, I pray.

But she, Lord, is the Mother. No one knows the pain she is feeling. No one, that is, but one who has lost a child.

And so, You know, don’t you Lord? You know exactly what she is feeling for You not only saw Your Son die, You chose to have Your Son die. That’s something none of us will ever have to face.

But because You did - we live. And because You did, she shall, “in that day” have her child back in perfection. She will have something none of us will ever have - her baby, as a baby, for eternity. And her arms will never again be empty - “in that day.”

But “in this day” Lord, give her peace…

I pray this in the Name of the One who is called “The Prince of Peace”, Amen.

*Romans 8: 26-27

Betty J. Newman ©June 2005


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