Friday, October 21, 2005

Prayer for a young couple...

Written/prayed September 1, 2005

Oh Father, I fall on my face, prostrate before the throne of grace and pray this morning.

I pray Father, for this young couple. I believe Lord, that they are to be in service to You (well, aren’t we all supposed to be in service to You?) But Lord, I can’t take on the world or mankind, but my hearts aches for them.

I’m afraid Lord, of what it might (what it will) take to bring them to that realization.

I know they love each other - they surely must, for no one else I know could be mad as often as they are and still continue to cling together. And to talk to each of them separately, they are crazy about each other - but nearly every time I see them, Lord, they’re mad about something.

Many times when someone is often mad, they are running from You. They are trying to stay so earthly busy, so that they won’t have to think about heavenly things. But, when You are calling - You are calling. And You won’t let them escape. No matter what it takes to bring them to their knees.

We can go to our knees voluntarily, or in despair. You (I’m sure) would rather it be voluntarily, but You will use despair…

And so, I’m afraid. Please Lord, open their eyes. And open them, together.

I want to pray, “draw them together, and draw them to You no matter what it takes” but I’m afraid Lord.

Am I afraid, selfishly? Am I afraid of what it will cost me; of how much of my time it will take; of the suffering I will have to go through? Oh God, fill me with a strength to say what needs to be said; to pray what needs to be prayed; to submit what needs to be submitted.

And so, as (in my spirit) I lay slain before You this morning, I take a deep breath and say, (oh how I hesitate to write these words…) “bring… them… to… You…”

I know how happy they will be in service. I know how fulfilled they will be following Your will. I know the joy that will be in their hearts when they are in the Will of God… but still, I say the words with trembling lips, tears in my eyes, and a catch in my throat, “bring… them… to… You…”

And whatever I have to do - I have to do.

To God be the Glory - Amen…

And now, I can “exhale” and feel the peace of grace wash over me - it’s going to be ok…
I don’t know how long it’s going to take, but it’s going to be ok…


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