Tuesday, March 28, 2006

40 Days of Prayer (days 10-15)

This Lent, (at least beginning on Monday, after the first Sunday of Lent) I will spend 40 days in prayer… on my knees...

March 13, 2006

Father, I bring to You this morning, my sin. I think we give Satan far too much credit. I know, Lord, that he is not omnipresent - he cannot be everywhere. I know he is not omniscient - he does not know everything. He is not omnipotent - he is not all powerful. And so, how can I blame him for all my weakness? For every struggle I face, every failing I have, every flaw I possess, cannot be under his control. They are instead, under mine - under my flesh…

Our flesh nature has desires - as long as we are in this “flesh” we will have “sin”. It is this flesh that desires foods that are not good for it; practices that are not good for it; and indulgences that are disastrous for it… And yet, we want to blame it on Satan.

Father I fear, we give Satan far too much credit, so that we do not have to take responsibility.

March 16, 2006

A frantic search for a lost document, a desperate prayer “show me where it is, Lord” and an (immediate!) answered prayer brings a jubilant and tearful response.

Prayer moves into a cry like unto Moses’ in Exodus 33

A search for this passage brings a study of this section and an understanding of God with us in the “wilderness” that He led us to in the first place! Compare this with the Spirit “compelling Jesus into the wilderness” at the time of His temptation…

Oh Lord! It seems that I am so unorganized these days. I cannot find this [document] and You know how badly I need it. It is essential that I find it, but Lord, I have looked everywhere… Please Father, show me where it is…”

I began praying thus this morning in a frenzy and the very next place I looked - no I hadn’t even considered looking there, but my hand lifted a satchel and without even a thought, looked inside, and there it was… I began crying and fell to my knees…

Oh God! You are so good to me! How Father? How would You have me serve You? Lord, I am crying with Moses, “If I have found favor in Thy sight, let me know Thy ways, that I may know Thee, so that I may find favor in Thy sight…” (Exodus 33:12-13)

Father, as I study this passage I see that just as You brought the Children of Israel into the wilderness, and then “compelled” Christ to go there after His baptism, even so at times, You lead us into the “wilderness” as well. Moses cried out in boldness to You, saying that if You did not go with them, then do even ask them to go! (Exodus 33:15) He said in essence, “Better lie down and die here in the wilderness than go forward to Canaan without Your presence.” He “held on” just as Jacob did when wrestling with Your Angel. And Father, I hold on, begging, “Show me Thy way…”

You have led me to where I am, Lord. Now, If I have found favor, show me Thy way…

Just as Your presence with the Children of Israel showed the “world” that they were Your people, so Your answer to prayer and presence with me shows the “world” that I am Yours as well.

Father, may I live to serve Thee…


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