Sunday, January 14, 2007

Where is our hunger, Lord?

Where is our hunger Lord, to hear Your Word; to know Your Word; to live Your Word? Worship is a wonderful thing, and a needful thing, we were created to worship You, but Lord, where is our hunger to know You intimately?

There is only one way to know You, and that is to spend time with You. To spend time in prayer and time in learning more about You. It is not all our pastor’s responsibility - but it is their responsibility to teach us, and to lead us in the instruction of Your Word.

God! I am so burdened! I hear of churches all over where Your Word is not taught! Where “programs” and “agendas” are levied and pushed to the forefront. God! Where are Your messengers? Where are Your prophets? Where, oh God, are Your teachers?

I cry, and tears stream down my face. My heart breaks, and my soul is in anguish. I only want to lie upon my bed and escape the fear I feel when I see these things happening. I want to pull the pillows over my head and pretend that all is ok. But, I know it isn’t…

Where and to what oh God, are You calling me? Doggone it God! I thought I knew! I thought a path of direction had presented itself. I want to throw rocks and kick gravels in the road. I want to yell out. Things were going smoothly!

And now, there’s a knot in my gut. How is it Lord that You open one door, and prepare one way, and yet another of the “spinning plates” begins to wobble?

I cry Lord, for friends I know, in Churches I know, that are not “feeding their sheep.”

God, what has happened to the shepherds? Where are our teachers…?

And, to what are You calling us…?

I cry out in the Name of the One who wept, who declared how like a mother hen He would have gathered the chicks, but they would not… in Jesus’ Name, I cry, Amen…


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