Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Intercessory Prayer

My Father and my God… what an awesome privilege You’ve given us - to just come right on in to the Throne of Grace - any time we want… And indeed, the more we “want to” the better it is for us - the more we’re filled with Your presence.

We come not only to the Throne of Grace, but of mercy as well, for You give us so much that we could never be worthy of… and You hold back, in Your infinite mercy, the judgment which we so seriously deserve.

I am in awe…

But Father, with this privilege comes an overwhelming responsibility as well. As we come bringing praises, we also come bringing our needs - and the needs of others. I find myself, Lord, saying to anyone with a need (and who doesn’t), “I’ll pray for you” or “I’ll put you on my prayer list…” and then I think, “Lord! I don’t know how to pray for them!!!”

I don’t know what the real needs are. I don’t know what Your will is. I don’t know what to ask for. I just don’t know… Lord! I just… don’t… know…

But yet, I told them I’d pray for them…

And Lord, there’s so many of them! And, so many more in the very same situations, with the same conditions, and the same needs that I don’t know about… who’s praying for them, Lord?

And, what if I forget, Lord? Would You withhold healing or comfort because I forgot to pray? I just can’t see You saying, “Oh - too bad… Betty didn’t pray today, so I’m not touching this person today…”

So God, what is it… I just don’t understand…

But Lord, all I know is that I MUST pray. I can no more not pray than I can not breathe. And so, I pray for these Thy children. You Lord, know their needs. You Lord, know their hurts. And You Lord and You alone, know the answers.

My responsibility and my privilege is simply to come to the Throne of Grace, and bring my friends… (and my enemies, as well…)

In the Name of the One who opened this door to the Throne room with His very blood - in Jesus’ Name - Amen.


I Will Pray for You

God, I’ve done it again! I told another person that I’d pray for them. God! I just can’t seem to stop myself. When anyone tells me of struggles or troubles in their lives, I just blurt out, “I’ll put you on my prayer list.”

And they seem so appreciative Lord - it really seems to lighten their load. But then Lord, I have to actually pray for them! And I don’t know what to say. I don’t know Your will for their lives. I don’t know the answers. So, what do I say, Lord? What do I say…

And not only that, but the list grows and grows. Who’ve I forgotten to pray for today, Lord? Whose face did I fail to see during my prayer time? Please don’t withhold any grace or comfort on account of my pitiful service, or my pathetic prayer life…

God, I’m so weak. The spirit is indeed willing, but the body is weak, and I, like the three disciples, simply fall asleep. While my brother or sister is crying and in pain, I… am asleep…

God forgive me.

Open my eyes to see the needs. Open my heart to see the pain. And open my ears to hear the cries of Your children. God give me wisdom to know Your will, and may my prayers be a “sweet aroma” wafting back into the Throne room.

May Your very Spirit carry my groans and lack of words back into Your presence, translated into the “correct” words and utterances that will bring peace and healing.

And now Lord, I lift these up to you:

In Jesus’ Name… Amen.



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