Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Conseqence of Our Decisions

Oh Father, I do not like what I have to do… I must oppose our pastor…

Oh! Standing in opposition is not the problem - I’ve stood in opposition before; when I believed their theology was wrong, or worse, they had no theology… But, this is different. I genuinely love [this young man] and believe that You are using him mightily!

I’ve never felt Your Spirit more than I have in our worship services. He truly has a gift, and I believe, a heart for You. But this is not theology - this is a matter of “administration.”

Oh God! How I have wrestled with this problem. You have heard my many cries, and every time my “head” convinces me that I should just go along, my heart cries out, “I just cannot!” And so… I cannot…

He believes he is doing Your will. And so do I believe I am. Father, we can’t both be right, nor both wrong. I beg of You Father, don’t let me go against Your will. Open my eyes so that I can see the big picture - or at least if it isn’t Your will to show me the picture, then please, comfort my soul and give me faith.

The only thing that brings peace to my heart is to acknowledge that I must oppose him.

It’s ironic, Lord. The greatest “outward” peace (to agree) brings the greatest inner turmoil - and the greatest “inner” peace (to oppose) results in outer turmoil. How... can... that be?

Lord, I’ve heard the story of Martin Luther; of how he was called to recant his so-called “heresy.” I heard that he came up before the council and was ready to recant, but instead asked for one more night to pray about it.

I’ve heard that prayer read - and one can hear so clearly this one man’s struggle, and of his growing faith in his belief and stand. Then I know Lord, as he stood the next day he said, “I cannot recant…”

And neither can I.

But You heard, Lord. [This young man] used this very same example and said to me, “I cannot recant…”

And so now, we both must deal with the consequence of our decisions.

May You have mercy on our souls…

In Jesus’ Name - Amen



Blogger John Wesley said...

Dearest Sibling in Christ,
Little journeys hither and thither have for these two or three weeks taken up much of my time. You know I am a busy kind of mortal; however, I am always glad to see my old friends. Keep fighting the good fight! Remember to first do no evil, second to do nothing but good and third to continue to attend to the ordinances of God.
You are in our prayers.
Wishing you every gospel blessing;
I remain, dear James

11:03 AM  

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