Saturday, February 24, 2007

Prayer for a controversial meeting

Dear Lord, as the time draws near for this meeting, first of all I pray for myself. I pray Lord that I have listened for Your voice, and that You will control what comes out of my mouth. Give me a spirit of wisdom; of patience; of love; and of boldness.

Help me to listen to what others have to say with a heart of kindness. Help me to hear what they are really “saying” which may not be the words they are actually using at the moment.

If… no, there will be pain. Help me to be a soothing ointment. There will be hurt feelings. Help me to be understanding and compassionate. There will be opposition. Help me to stand strong - in love.

Give me feet of stone to stand firm, but only Lord, if I am standing for You. I beg Lord, so permeate my soul that Your glory and honor are all that matter.

And now Father, I pray for the others who will be at the meeting. I pray that You will take control of their lives and their mouths. God, I’ve seen it happen time and time again in Your Word. I’ve seen Your children come up against a much more powerful enemy, and then You’d - send a rainstorm and bog down the chariots; You’d send a spirit of confusion to disperse the soldiers; You’d send an Angel of the Lord to defeat the enemy… You’d deliver Your children in the face of great odds.

I’m not praying for the “outcome” of the meeting Lord, I am praying for the participants. I see the “mouth” as the “enemy” not the heart of the individual, nor even the subject of the meeting.

God! You always protect Your interests and Your people. Do that for us, please. I pray Lord, that You will throw a blanket of Your love and grace over this meeting so that any words that are said will be filtered through that love. I pray that You will so control “mouths” that like Balaam, only “good and uplifting” words will come out - that no matter what is “trying” to be said, only love will reign.

And above all, as an outcome of the meeting, may Christ’s Kingdom come upon earth, and may Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

In Jesus’ Name - Amen



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