Saturday, April 18, 2009

Prayer preface - Worship

As my husband goes to the church to work on his music, and I have dishes to do, I think, “This is a good time to pray…”

And I begin…

Oh Lord, I must begin with worship; not because You need my worship, but that I need to say it. I need to affirm it…

Because, O Lord, there is no hurt that I can feel, that You have not already felt.
There is no question I can have, that You don’t already know the answer to; and there is no fear that I can fear that You are not bigger than… because You are God.

You are God, and You know everything - You are Omniscient.
You are all powerful – You are Omnipotent.
You are everywhere – You are Omnipresent.
And, You are GOD!

(And I am overwhelmed with the idea that the dishes will just have to wait, because I need to write this down…)

I just have to affirm that worship. I just have to drink that into my very being.
“Be still…” the Psalmist said, “And know that I Am God.” But what he/He really said was, “Cease striving…” “Don’t kick against the pricks; don’t kick against the goads…”

And I immediately ask, “Lord! What in the world does that mean?” And I find it means “to offer vain and rash resistance which is a proverbial expression alluding to unruly oxen and applied to those who by unruly rage hurt themselves.”

And I cry out, “Oh God! I do do that, don’t I?” In my case (at least at “this” age) it’s not so much “rage” or anger anymore, as it is fear, and discouragement, and an ache in my heart for those I love… but still, it is “vain and rash resistance…” to being still and knowing that You are God.

Help me, O Lord. Help me.

Even in my praise; even in my worship; remind me O Lord, that I am Your child, and You love me.

As I lift up, “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty. You are Holy, O my Saviour, my Redeemer! You are Worthy to be Praised… and I will praise You, Most Holy One.

And now, Father… “Abba”, let me crawl upon Your lap, lay my head on Your shoulder, and feel Your arms around me while I pray…

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