Friday, July 15, 2005

I am ...hurting...

This was written during a very difficult time in my life.
I don't want to give a time frame
because I don't want anyone to feel bad.
It's been a good while ago.

But not that long...

I Am…..hurting

I am your church member
your neighbor
your co-worker
And I am hurting.

Did you know?

You must have known
you said
you were thinking about me.
You said
you would pray for me.
You even said
“If there’s anything I can do…..”

But I was too embarrassed to ask you
to mow my lawn,
to cook for me
to do my laundry
to buy me some groceries.

Although, I would have been so thankful.

Did you not see,
the dark circles under my eyes
from sitting up all night
and working all day?
Did you not notice,
my car leaving at odd hours
and always in such a hurry?
Did you not hear,
the crack in my voice
from worry and fatigue?

Did you lose my phone number?

You surely didn’t know
my kids were wearing
their cleanest dirty clothes.
You surely didn’t know
that extra mail
was over due notices.
You surely didn’t know…..

For I simply can’t believe
you don’t care
that I am hurting…..

Betty J. Newman


Anonymous Janet Noall said...

I wish I had known you then!
I wish I could have helped!
Been there, done that too.
You amaze me, Betty!
Your prayers hit the very heart of life for me!
Your friend, Jan Noall
( Caning)

10:15 AM  
Blogger Betty Newman said...

Thank you, Jan. God used that time to make me more aware of others' time of hurting. And more conscious of when I say to them, "let me know if there's anything I can do..."

Now, I try to just do!

Thanks again

12:55 PM  

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