Monday, September 26, 2005

Prayer Circles...

Father, I lift up this child of Yours. I looked into her eyes and saw pain. She didn’t have to say a word, in fact when I saw her, it was in the midst of an ordinary occasion, but still, I saw the pain.

As we talked I found out, at least some of her angst and realized, “I’ve been there…” Oh, I realize Lord, that none of our situations are the same, but still, I’ve been very close to where she is. And so, I pray for her.

I pray Lord that she might be able to see some glimmer of hope in this situation; that others who’ve “been there and done that” will give her encouragement and support (and hopefully I did.)

I pray Lord, for strength in the midst of what seems like forever in her life. Give her good nights of sleep, give her good days often enough to ease her mind, and give her a good “ear” to stand by her. We all need these - these, Your other children who speak to and pray for us.

And then today Lord, I pray for me. I pray for someone who’s been where I am, to come to me and give me words of encouragement and support. I am in the midst of a situation that seems like forever in my own life, and I pray for good nights of sleep, and good days often enough to ease my mind. And I pray for an “ear” to stand by me.

Father it seems, that as we are Your children, we create a “circle.” As we go through situations, we’ve been through situations, and we have yet, situations to go through. We are all within one of those stages in our lives.

May we, Lord, pray for and help those “behind us” as we are prayed for and helped by those “in front of us.”

I ask this in the name of the One Who has gone before each of us, has paved the way and opened the door - even Jesus. Amen



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