Thursday, April 13, 2006

40 Days of Prayer (days 21-23)

***Day 21
March 25, 2006

God, everything I have touched, heard, picked up or read recently has had to do with Abraham.

I was waiting on friends for lunch; flipped on the radio and heard, (concerning Abraham) “It’s better to go into the unknown with God, than to stay in the ‘known’ without Him…”

I tuned on the TV; there was R.C. Sproul teaching about the call of Abraham… “The Blessedness of Being a Blessing…”

I went to a professional BB forum online, and lo and behold there was a thread about prayer where someone asked “And what about Abraham? Why did God put the poor guy through that?”

Father, what are You teaching me through Abraham…?

Day 22
March 27, 2006

Father, I spent more time “chasing rabbits” this morning than in prayer - but that’s not necessarily a bad thing (maybe.) I love reading Your Word, and every time I think “I’m just going to look at this one scripture real quick…” the next thing I know, I’ve “chased that rabbit” all over the Testaments, through the Epistles, and back to the Prophets again.

I love it! But, when my time is limited, I find that prayer is usually what takes the back seat… and for that, I’m sorry.

Father, I am so humbled. I have been asked about specific scriptures - “what is this saying…” and I pray for wisdom in teaching and leading to Your Word. You have blessed me with not only the desire to know Your Word, but also with very good resources and now, with the time to study as well.

I am so humbled…

Day 23

March 28, 2006

Father, as I kneel this morning I am struck with the question of just what to pray about. My mind goes in a thousand different directions thinking, “this” or “that” or “what about the other…”

The problem with knowing I am going to have a “set apart” time for prayer is that I start thinking about what I’m going to pray. What subjects, which individuals, whose requests?

And so, I make myself be “still” and listen for You. I listen for the direction You want to take me.

As I am still I hear the sounds of “life” around me - the washer, the dryer, vehicles… And I wonder, how do we serve in the midst of “life?” We know that we were created to worship You, but how much do we really worship You? How much does the “world” - that is, all of Your creation, worship You?

It is spring. The birds are building nests and preparing for “life” but they continue to sing in the midst of “work.” They have just come through the winter, but in the midst of winter, they still sang. What a lesson we could learn.

Oh Father, how much do we worship? My cry for 30 years has been “how can I serve You?” My plea has been that You would just show me what You would have me do - that You would just open the doors. Father I only want to be what You would have me be, and to do what You would have me do.

How can I serve You? Have I been, and just didn’t realize it?

Lord, I pray for balance - for boldness in prayer with unanswered prayer. That when I kneel before the Throne of Grace that I may be bold in my petitions knowing that You are the God of the Impossible! And, may I understand and submit to the times when the prayer simply goes unanswered. When I face that “dark night of the soul” may I cling to my faith when I cry (with the father of the demon possessed child) “Lord I believe, help Thou my unbelief…”

May I know Your grace is sufficient for me: for Your strength is made perfect in my weakness.

Lord, my prayer:

To hear You more clearly.
To love You more dearly.
To serve You more nearly.

In Jesus’ name. Amen


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