Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What will the children say of us?

As I write this, I am 51 years old - what’s generously known as “middle age” (oh that I would live to be 102!) And I have suddenly come to the realization that we (our generation) are creating the lasting memories that will fill the minds of the next generation.

Let me explain.

All of my grandparents and most aunts and uncles have passed on. My Mother, too, has “gone home” and Daddy is growing faint. All of my husband’s grandparents, aunts and uncles are gone, plus many, many dear saints from our churches.

But still, we find ourselves saying, “Like Uncle Russell used to say…” or “Mother always said…” and “Gran always…” did this and “Mr. Cox always…” did that, and “George McNutt would always…” do or say whatever.

And we realize, these dear relatives and saints have created lasting memories in our hearts and minds that surface at unexpected times. For instance, when we see - school buses, pear trees, fried chicken, or someone sleeping in Church… these things that they said, and things that they did come to mind.

And I wonder - what will the children say of us? When they see someone wearing a hat, will they think of me? Will they quote Joe’s witticisms (of which he undoubtedly quoted an earlier source) and think of him?

But more importantly, will they remember our “stands”? Will they say, “She never waivered” or “he always believed…” Will they recall and take courage? For I know “the times, they are a-changing…” and it’s getting tougher and tougher to stand.

And so I pray for them, “Lord, help us to remember (to paraphrase a familiar quote) “the eager eyes of children are upon us…” and that we are indeed creating the lasting memories that fill the minds of the next generation…” Help us to always live out our faith, within the “character” and “personality” You bestowed upon each of us. Perhaps that idiosyncrasy will be just the thing to capture their imaginations and stick in their minds, and give them courage.

In Jesus’ name - Amen.


Blogger DannyG said...

Thanks for your thoughts. Got me to thinking about my family during a quiet min. here at the hospital where I work. Most of my family is gone. Dad is still with us..88 and playing 3 rounds of golf a week..we're lucky. Most of his brothers and sisters (9) are gone, as are most of Mom's family (she passed 6 yrs ago). So many little things call to mind one or the other of my family. I hope that my neices and nephews have some of the good memories that I have of my aunts & uncles.

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