Friday, October 28, 2005

I can't discuss theology with my Dad...

Daddy had chemo again today. The only good thing about sitting for 2-4 hours (depending on the amount of chemo he gets) is that it allows/forces me to sit for this period of time - and so I read.

I've been doing some study on the travels of Paul, beginning with the overview from the book of Acts, but I forgot to put that book back in my satchel this morning, so I went digging for something else to read today.

I ran across A.W. Tozer's book "Knowledge of the Holy" and decided to delve into it. Tozer begins by saying, "What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." And the more I thought about it, the more I realized, he is right.

On the way home, I was thinking, "I wish I could discuss this with Daddy, but he just wouldn't understand." It’s not that I question his salvation; he’s “lived” that in front of me as long as I’ve known him. It’s that Daddy only has a 4th or 5th grade education. He quit because he just couldn't do the work. He is a veteran of WWII, and a good man (well actually he is not my "real" Dad, but my so called “step”-father. But he's the only "Daddy" I've ever known.)

As I was thinking this he said, "I'm glad Mother don't have to worry about the cold weather where she's at..." (My Mother went home almost 2 years ago.)

I said, "Yeah, nor hot weather, nor anything else, for that matter."
Then I realized, no, I may not be able to discuss "theology" with him, but he knows God, and knows that where He is, there is no discomfort.

So maybe he knows more about theology than I think I do after all!



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