Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Modern-Day Pilgrim

(Preparing for Thanksgiving week...)

The Modern-Day Pilgrim

To the Modern-Day Pilgrim
the feast isn’t hard.
Forget the musket
“Where’s my MasterCard?”

Things are better
than they used to be.
For the Modern-Day Pilgrim
in this land of the free.

There’s no need to call in
his Indian friends.
“I gave at the office!”
He loudly contends.

He feels that all
he has, he deserves.
No need to be humble
“It’s hard work,” he concurs,
“That got me where I am today.
“Let others work
and make their own way.”

But Modern-Day Pilgrim
where is your prayer?
I get the feeling
that it’s lost somewhere
between the Thanksgiving Dinner
and the football game,
Somehow dear pilgrim
it’s just not the same…

Betty J. Newman ©1976


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