Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Whether Therefore Ye Eat or Drink... Part 4 of 4

Whether Therefore Ye Eat or Drink… - Part four of four

I once heard a story of a man who took a class of first graders and told them, “I’m going to give each of you a ‘title.’” He said, “You’re a rock star, you’re an NFL player, you’re an astronaut, you’re a teacher, you’re the president, you’re a doctor…” and on and on. He told one little boy, “you’re a janitor.” And then he said, “Line up in order of the importance of your title.

They all began to argue as to which was more important. The rock star and the NFL player argued over who entertained people the most. The astronaut said he was more important because of the science he knew. Of course the president and the doctor thought they were, and the teacher said none of them could do anything without her.

However, the little boy who was the janitor automatically went to the end of the line and waited. He thought his title was the least important.

But then the man, instead of having them stand in a straight line, had them stand in a circle and said, “Not one of you is more important than any other…”

Sometimes, we feel like our job, or the things we “have” to do is not all that important. But God, has given each of you a gift, and He has a job, just for you! You were created for a reason. You were born for a reason. And you must serve with perseverance!


Read the words of 1 Chronicles 25: 1-31. Verses 1-8 tell of David and the commanders of the army setting men apart for service. Then verses 9-31 go on to tell the order in which they were to serve. Chapter 26: 1-19 names the people who were the gatekeepers. Verses 20-32 speak of the ones who had charge of the treasury - and on and on.

Now, let me ask you this, besides David, and maybe Asaph who is mentioned frequently in the Psalms, are there any names that you recognized? Why then, knowing that everything is in the Bible for a reason - nothing is there “just because”, why did God in His wisdom, through the Holy Spirit inspire Ezra, the priest (or most people believe it was Ezra) to record all these names that no one knows?

There are probably profound theological reasons for it, but I think a basic reason is - God knew who they were, and they were important to Him.


I dare say, 100 years from today, none of us will be here. And unless we’ve been listed in some document that is preserved, no one will know we were here, either. But God will know. And He will know what job we did - whether we used the gift He gave us, and our attitude toward using that gift.

God knows who you are, and you are important to Him. Jesus gave His Life for you - now you live your life for Him. Don’t divide up your life into the Sacred and the secular, Paul said, “therefore, whether you eat or drink or whatsoever you do - do all for the Glory of God!”

Let us pray.

Father, when You sent Your Son, it was for our salvation, but we recognize that it was for our identification as well. He walked as we walk. He talked as we talk, He was hungry, He was thirsty, He got tired, He was angry and He was tempted as we are tempted. And everything He did, whether He was eating or drinking or whatever He was doing, it was pleasing to You.

Father, help us to recognize that whatever we are doing, must be for Your Glory as well

In Jesus’ holy name we pray, amen.


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