Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wiseman or Shepherd?

God revealed Himself to the Wiseman’s intellect
and to the Shepherd’s heart…

Sometimes I think I’m a Wiseman,
with all my charts and diagrams,
but they continue to point to where I am
and never to where I want to go.

But these are my diagrams and charts,
constructed of logic and not the heart
and following my maps will never impart
where God wants me to go.

Sometimes I’m a Shepherd, or so I claim,
when I don’t want to play life’s little game
of who I am by what’s my name.
And I only want to be different.

But God called the Shepherds through their open ear,
who were willing to follow despite their fear.
Then shouted Hosannas to all who would hear
regardless of the difference.

God calls to us wherever we are
to step out on faith and follow the star
to travel however near or far
we have to go to change
or rearrange
our thinking.

In each of us the Wisemen lie
the Shepherds too, we can’t deny,
And God’s Holy Name we glorify
each time we’re willing to change
and rearrange
our thinking.

Yes, God still reveals Himself to the Wiseman’s intellect
and the Shepherd’s heart
And neither one is more important than the other.

Betty J. Newman


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